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Plastic Flame Polisher

Our range of competitively priced acrylic flame polishers include three simple to use models for polishing acrylic from 2 – 25mm in a single pass.

Straight and curved surfaces, including holes, can easily be polished.

Quick release interchangeable tips enable flame size to be adjusted without the use of tools in just a few seconds

 Fast start up time is only 30 seconds.

Extremely low running and maintenance costs ensure highly cost effective polishing.

All of our plastic fabrication equipment is covered by full service and spare parts support


Hydrogen flame Polisher Hydrogen Generator
Hydrogen Flame Polisher Hydrogen Generator
Hydrogen flame Polisher Polishing Torch

Hydrogen Generator

Polishing Torch
Control Panel


Plastic Flame Polisher Plastic Flame Polisher
Plastic Flame Polisher
Plastic Flame Polisher