Fusion Technology Plastics

Plastic Hot Air Gun

Hot air welding guns for professional plastic welders.

Two machines for everything in plastic welding.

Supreme quality and versatility.

world renowned for reliability

Precise temperature control stability

Extremely low maintenance

360 degree lockable nozzle connection.

Applications include:

Full kits available.

Complemented by a complete range of forged stainless steel nozzles.Click here to see examples of our
Welding Nozzles.





Unitherm K 5.8 RS and K 5.16 RS - Advanced electronic hot air welding torch

For industrial welding of thermoplastic materials - (click image to see larger view)

Advanced electronic hot air welding torch


230v-800w, 110v-800w, 230v-1600w

110v-1600w, Special types on request

Suitable for welding motor cycle fairings, car bumpers, tarpaulins, roof membranes, geotextiles, flexible films, rigid sheet, floor welding, tanks, drying, shrink wrapping, banner welding, paint stripping, overlap welding and liner welding.

We can supply full a kit.

K10 Hot Air Torch

For continuous welding at high speed (click to view larger image)

K10 hot air torch


230v - 1600v

110v - 1600v