Fusion Technology Plastics

Plastic Line Bending

We have a wide range of budget price line benders including the Ht series single and double sided benders from 550mm to 350mm with optional guides and clamping beams.

Our fine line versatile line bender can be conditioned to bend individual tight radius bends at close proximity to each other or for wide zone heating of thick material upto 30mm with a range of lengths upto 2500mm

Materials include, PE, PP, PETG, PVC, PMMR, FEP and ECTFE.

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Fine Line Versatile Line Bender

Plastic line bending has never been simpler with our low cost line bending system.

Power Pack

Power pack generates a safe low voltage supply

Ribbon Strip Heaters

High power ribbon strip heaters for faster bending times.

Ribbon Strip Heaters

Line Heater, Model HT (click image to open larger view)







For thicker material

Table - Line - Heater 2.xx HT

Table-Line-Heater 2.xx H