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Suppliers of plastic fabrication equipment for all your applications. Including hot air guns, plastic welders, plastic benders, heat benders, flame polishers, diamond edge polishers, acrylic polishers and special project machines for the ever expanding technical requirements of industry.

All of our plastic fabrication equipment is covered by full service and spare parts support.

NEWS: Please note that we taken over the former Fusion Technology Plastics. All Fusion products are now available through ACS with the same high level of service delivered by Fusion. This site currently details the work that Fusion covered and does not yet show the specific skills of ACS. For more details on ACS, please call us on 07790 724477.

Plastic Polishing Machines

Plastic Polishing
Plastic Polishing

Plastic Flame Polisher

Plastic Acrylic Polisher

Plastic Diamond Edge Polisher

Plastic Edge Polisher

Plastic PMMA Polisher

Plastic Bending Machines
Plastic Bending Machines
Plastic Bending

Plastic Line Bending

Plastic Sheet Bending

Plastic Bending

Plastic Bend Forming

Plastic Profile Bending

Plstic Bending

Plastic Tube Bending

Plastic Pipe Bending

Plastic Extrusion Bending

Plastic Bending

Plastic Heat Shrinking


Plastic Welding Machines
Plastic Weldiing
Plastic welding

Plastic Extrusion Welder

Plastic Sheet Welder

Plastic Pipe Welder

Plastic Welding

Plastic Hot Plate Welder

Plastic Foam Welder

Plastic Film Welder

Plastic Welding

Plastic Textile Welder

Plastic Fabric Welder

Plastic Welding

Plastic Hot Air Welder

Plastic Crate Welder

Plastic Impulse Welder

Plastic Welding

Plastic Tank Welder

Plastic Weld Tester

Plastic Welding Wire & Rod